Machine Embroidering
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We can embroider according to your pattern or offer you a finished embroidery design from our catalogues.
The price is specific for each order, on the basis of detailed calculation.
The advantage of choosing embroidery from our catalogue is that you do not pay for the development of the embroidering program, but only for the embroidery itself according to the number of stitches, complexity and auxiliary material.
Development of the embroidering program - supply the pattern in jpg, bmp, …or printed.
The price will be calculated individually on the basis of complexity, design and size of the motif (your logo).
The embroidering program is saved for the customer in our archive and is paid for only ONCE, regardless of the number of embroideries.
The price of the embroidery includes the auxiliary materials, number of stitches, the type of the base material on which the embroidery is done, complexity, and possibly ironing and stitching on.
The term of delivery is approximately two weeks or according to the contract.
Our company uses the industrial embroidering machine AMAYA (the maximum speed of the machine is 1500 stitches per minute) using the WILCOM software (professional embroidering software, using vector graphics) by the company Melwin Czech s.r.o. 
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