Surface Treatment
For the surface treatment the company uses the following types of protection:
Komaxit - very durable pulverized heat paint.
Used for surface treatment especially for extremely strained parts of the chassis - axle beams, arms, connecting rods, supports, holders, etc.
Anodic Oxidation - for its products of aluminium, duralumin and
superduralumin the company offers anodic oxidation, either soft - in various colours - or strain-hard - in black, golden and natural
Paint - for surface treatment of the body and plastic parts
an automatic mixing line is available
Nitriding - for titanium products to be used in extreme thermal and chemical conditions (valves, wastegate, etc.) the surface protection can be provided by means of titanium nitride (golden surface)
Mechanical surface working - polishing, sandblasting or grinding - is performed before the final treatment.
This brings adaptation of the mechanical properties as well as the heat exchange of the stressed components.
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